What Have We Learned From History?
Do you know if you have enough money to retire comfortably? You can choose the day you retire, but you can't control what the markets do that day...or any day thereafter. Take a second to learn what the financial markets have taught us. If you want to protect your assets so they'll be there for you in retirement when you need them most, remove uncertainty from your financial plan. We can show you how.
Timing is Everything
Are you one of the baby boomers or retirees who believes you need to accept a certain level of market risk when planning for your retirement income needs? If so, you may have discovered that those risks can be greater than anticipated, quickly derailing your long-term plans. This short video reveals the importance of a balanced portfolio to limit risks you may be exposed to. Contact me for an annual review of your current retirement plan so we can evaluate your asset blend. With the introduction of more conservative assets with increased guarantees, we may be able to help you...
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Why Have Annuities Gone Mainstream?
Annuities are highly recommended and growing very popular. What do you know about an Annuity? Saving for retirement has never been easier when you are able to reduce the risks associated with your retirement income. Get the comfort of guaranteed income and consistent cash flow what you plan your retirement for security. This video will educate you on annuities and why they are growing popular for baby boomers.