I recently attended a lecture on “Resources for NON-GMO Products” and felt compelled to share some of the insightful information I gained with our clients.

I do realize that large companies such as Monsanto, DOW, BASF and Bayer are in business to make a profit, even at the expense of health consequences on the human population, but I guess I didn’t take the time to research the effects of “certain” chemicals manufactured by these companies and the effects they have on everyday foods, (i.e., soy, corn, sugar beets for sugar, cottonseed oil, canola oil, papaya, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, alfalfa for hay), to name just a few (www.nongmoproject.org).

As we age, free radicals by the way of chemicals (e.g. Round-Up used for weed killing) make their way into our food and water supply. The aging person is more susceptible to the effects these chemicals have on their bodies due to an aging immune system. The good news is that as more and more people share information concerning these chemicals and the effect they have on our bodies, states are more inclined to pass a mandatory labeling requirements. To read more information on this topic and what you can do to avoid the risk of certain ingredients in your food, go to:

www.non-gmoreport.com/ News magazine feature the latest articles about genetically modified food.

www.nongmoshoppinguide.com/ Look for “Non-GMO Project” verified seals.


Ava  Brown