Medicare Planning

CMS recommends you evaluate how you get Medicare every year as there are several ways you can receive your Medicare Benefits; choosing the right plan can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Some of the choices are:

  • Medicare Advantage. When available, this is often a great option for our clients. In select areas plans may have a $0 premium and $0 deductibles and usually includes RX drug coverage and caps out of pocket expenses. Some plans offer additional benefits not covered by traditional Medicare; such as free dental, hearing, eye, and healthy aging & gym benefits.
  • Medicare parts A & B only – We do not recommend, as this can have costly deductibles and copays with no out of pocket maximum.
  • Medicare parts A & B plus a Medicare supplement (with an extra premium). This option eliminates or reduces your copays and is accepted by any provider that accepts you as a Medicare patient. However, prescription drug coverage must be purchased separately.
  • Employer Retirement Plans – Sometimes retirement plans are more expensive with higher copays and less benefits than the above options.
  • VA benefits – If a strong low or $0 cost Medicare Advantage plan is available, we recommend a VA beneficiary add a Medicare Advantage plan to the VA benefit as they can use both.

The process: As everybody’s situation is unique, we sit down with our clients at no charge and go over their needs, health, budget then give them recommendations, based on what is available where they live. We work all of the major Medicare Plan carriers and are not biased to push our clients into one particular company. Every year we re-evaluate your coverage and make recommendations based on what is available. Our organization has helped hundreds of clients since 2005.