Since 2000, market corrections have become more common place. Remember 2000 and 2008? Most people, especially those close to retirement cannot wait 10 years to break even and need a better tactic to secure their financial future. While you cannot entirely avoid risk, you can reduce it. We believe our approach improves your chance for success.

RNA Financial is a Certified Financial Planning firm and a *Registered Investment Advisor (CRD#168981), as well as an licensed insurance broker. As a CFP® firm we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We believe you can achieve better results using Smarter Wealth Management; where we consider your entire financial universe before implementing a financial or retirement plan. We use the proper investment tools needed to achieve the desired needs and goals. Securities, insurance, and lifetime indexed income annuities should all be considered to achieve best results. Studies show that replacing bonds with guaranteed fixed indexed annuities may often improve your results.